Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

USDA CONFISCATED the tree I purchased from this company. I've got the paperwork to prove it.

****Under NO circumstances should you do business with, or****

The USDA came to my house and confiscated the tree I purchased from them because the plant was sourced from a quarantined area and could have several citrus diseases.

When I contacted them, they blamed everything on one of their suppliers and then promised to send me another one. A couple minutes later they emailed me back and told me that they would NOT send me another tree unless I changed my rating of them on Dave's Garden. Can you believe that? Blackmailing me to change my rating even before they sent a replacement.

Buyer beware of, or as if you buy from them you could expect a visit from the USDA. Purchase another quarantined tree from them after the USDA visits and you could be slapped with a fine of up to $60,000. As well as any damage your plant causes to citrus plants in your area. Don't believe me look it up on-line at the USDA.

Also after a little investigating I found that has an "F" rating from the Florida (BBB) Better Business Bureau. DOI NO do business with these guys unless you want to face the possibility of diseases and steep fines.

Consider yourself warned, but again don't take my word for it. Do your own research and check out sites like the Florida BBB, and Daves garden just to name a few. They have a long trail of very unhappy customers.

Monetary Loss: $92.

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